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Here is the list of Arizona Exemptions Allowed under the Arizona Revised Statutes, there is also a list from case law, etc.

Article 1 – Homesteads and Homestead Exemption
33-1101 – Homestead defined; homestead exemptions; persons entitled to hold homesteads
33-1102 – Exemption by operation of law; designation of multiple properties on creditor’s request; recording
33-1103 – Effective date of homestead exemption; extent of exemption; exceptions
33-1104 – Abandonment of homestead; encumbrance of homestead
33-1105 – Sale by judgment creditor of property subject to homestead exemption

Article 2 – Personal Property Exemption

33-1121 – Definitions
33-1121.01 – Availability of exemptions
33-1122 – Debtor’s property not exempt from process
33-1123 – Household furniture, furnishings and appliances
33-1124 – Food, fuel and provisions
33-1125 – Personal items
33-1126 – Money benefits or proceeds; exception
33-1127 – School equipment
33-1128 – Fire fighting equipment
33-1129 – Public property or property of a public character
33-1130 – Tools and equipment used in a commercial activity, trade, business or profession
33-1131 – Definition; wages; salary; compensation
33-1132 – Waiver of exemption rights void
33-1133 – Other exemption laws

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